fabio salvadori

Innovation Coach, Consultant, and entrepreneur in Valencia, Spain

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I'm a human being who wake every day to inspire and challenge myself and others to grow so that we can all build our freedom, together.

I am passionately committed to doing everything I can to leave the world better than I found it, and I believe that my world will be better only if I become better.

I am committed to keeping a learner mind and an open heart, to nurture my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul. So I will have the energy to create a positive impact. I seek significance over success and meaning over happiness. I respect my weaknesses and the ones of others. I refrain from blame, I forgive, and I always move forward.

We live in a small world made of more than 7 billion humans, and we are more connected than ever. People, things and ideas move around the world with an ease never experienced before.

In this small, dense and hyper-connected world everything has a global impact and everything change so fast that it is easy to feel left behind. These two things together make the challenges ahead of us are so big that the way we approached innovation so far, isn’t working anymore.

I believe we must rethink why and how we innovate to

I support organisations in this transformation. I combine coaching, consulting, technologies, science, logic, creativity, active listening, emotional intelligence, powerful questions and toddler's intuition to create the space where ideas can thrive.

I live and work by five core values: freedom, authenticity, open-mindedness, creativity, and kindness.

I'm currently based in Valencia.

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